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Omakase Facial

Omakase most often refers to sushi (restaurant) in the USA.

Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting someone choose your order/need/want.

The word meaning "I will leave it to you" in this case, esthetician provides the best facial treatment to you based on your current skin condition. 

Omakase experience is an experienced esthetician analysis each skin and carefully select the best treatment for each skin needs. Individualized treatment and experience as much as the customer as it is the esthetician.  

      Treatment Time 90 mins ($120)

✔ CLARIFY, CALM, CLEANSING: Not an only cleanser, if the facial hair removal needed by waxing or micro-planning
✔ EXFOLIATE: Extraction, Chemical peel, Non-Chemical peel, Water peel or Gomage

✔ LIFT,  FIRM, TIGHTEN: Hands massage, Lontophoresis, or Microcurrent, Facial cupping
✔ REGENERATE, REVIVE, ENERGIZE: various kinds of serum
✔ REPAIR, HEALING, SOOTHING, REVITALISE, RESTORE: Nourishing mask or Medical grade collagen mask
✔ BRIGHTEN, EVEN, ILLUMINATE: Kojic acid, Hydroquinone, or Azelaic acid

* Helps tone

* Lift & define facial contours

* Improve the fine line & deeper wrinkles

*Gives natural brow lift

* Relieve tired eyes

* Reduce the eye bags & puffiness

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