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Skin enhancement will improve your skin, you may add with other services.   

PEELING TYPE                                          KEY INGREDIENT                                          BENEFIT                                                                   SKIN TYPE



  • Glycolic Acid CHEMICAL PEEL 

  • OrganicPassionfruit/Peptide

  • Organic Yam & Pumpkin EnzymeNON-CHEMICAL PEEL

  • 30% Vitamin C

  • 20% Glycolic Acid

  • 15% Organic Passion fruit/Peptide

  • 5% Yam high in beta carotene and vitamins, Rich in enzymes, beta carotene, amino aside antioxidants and lactic acid.

  •  Speed up cellular turnover Lighting, tightening and brightening.

  • Improve the structure of the skin fat into the dermis.

  • Naturally, re-balances regenerates and restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness.

  • Sloughs off dead skin cells. Removes dead skin cells to improve the texture of the skin.

  • Sun damaged, Rosacea, Dry/dehydrated, Smokers, Tired/dull, all skin type.

  • Wrinkles, Rough complexion, Uneven skin tone, Oily/Acne.

  • Sensitive, Pregnant, Travelers, all skin types.



  • Sensitive, Pregnant, Travelers, all skin types

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